Are you bogged down to excess? Because I am.

The point of this blog is simple. I simply have too much. Too much good stuff, too much bad stuff, too much useful stuff, but really, too much useless crap. This is a way to document my road to a simpler life.

Care to join me?

Good! We can adventure together! It’ll be fun! I promise! (That’s probably a lie)

Here is what you can expect to find on this blog:

  •  A chronicle of my journey toward shedding the excess stuff in my life. Including lots of before/after pictures. You know you’re excited.
  • De-cluttering tips.
  • Organizational tips (but really, if you don’t have the stuff, you don’t have to organize it)
  • Cleaning tips.
  • Pinterest fails. And hopefully some wins. I am trying to be a good housewife here.
  • Money-saving strategies. I’m no expert, but I will share the wealth of any tips I find.

This blog is new and ever-changing. Follow me if you too need a change, and freedom from excess.

Leave a comment below to join me or say hello!


  1. Minimalism has been such a wonderful journey for me, and a difficult one since I became a mother. I’ve enjoy the few posts I’ve read so far and look forward to future ones (and catching up on past ones). Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! It’s definitely been a lot harder, but it motivates me to keep going. Who wants to spend all their time organizing when there are fun things to do with your kids? Hopefully I’ll be done before he heads off to college!

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