Tip of the Day: Regift!

I had two crock pots. One was a wedding gift, and the other was a Christmas present from my brother. Both new, both awesome, and both genuinely thoughtful gifts. I loved them both.

But I don’t need two crock pots.

Sure, I could keep one “for a rainy day” in the attic, and then when my current crock pot breaks, inevitably forget that I have a spare.


Hiding something in a cabinet or attic like that is no way to appreciate a thoughtful gift! So, I gave one of the crock pots to my sister-in-law. And now you know what? She loves it. She makes delicious meals with it! It’s even got adorable polka dots on it, which look cute in her brand new condo. Everybody wins.

If you have an item that you don’t need, and you know someone else who does, give it to them. Pay forward the kindness and generosity that was bestowed upon you by the original giver and remember: “What’s sentimental for us can be useful for someone else” -Joshua Millburn, The Minimalists.


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