Tip of the Day: One in, One out.

While getting rid of stuff is awesome, don’t underestimate the allure of a place like Target. Of course, we needed those decorative coasters and four new towels! I just forgot I needed them until I got there! Believe me, it takes a strong willed individual to resist the siren song of Target’s never ending aisles. So keep this rule in the back of your mind: one in, one out.

If we throw out an old towel, we can replace it. If we bring home four new towels, we need to ditch four old ones.

This rule can apply on an item-for-item basis, or you can use it as a blanket rule to help with our purging projects. Bring home a new shirt? A book has to go.

If you have a lot to ditch, multiply it. One in, five out. Etc.

Miss Minimalist explains it like this:

To keep your stuff level from rising, live by the following rule: every time a new item comes into your home, a similar item must leave. For every drip into the bucket, there must be one drip out; this ensures that your household won’t flood, and threaten the progress you’re making. -Francine Jay, Miss Minimalist

And in case you’re wondering, you don’t need the coasters. Put them down. Trust me.


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